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The study intent was going to determine the deployment incidence, trends and timetables connected with server virtualization; organizations' motives for moving to virtualized server environments; organizations' IT management concerns and constraints with heterogeneous virtualized hardware environments; and organizations' return from hardware virtualization application.


MBA-IT (2012-14)

Group 6:

RAGHVI MATHUR: 12030141009

VIDIT SHARMA: 12030141029

ANUBHAV MISHRA: 12030141055

DHAVAL SHAH: 12030141076

VIVEK MENON 12030141095

RAJU RAUNIYAR: 12030141113


1 . Business Summary4

1 ) 1 . Explanation of virtualization4

1 . installment payments on your Key advantages of virtualization5

2 . Background6

2 . 1The Advent of the Virtual Machine: 6th

2 . 2Portability of Software: 7

2 . 3Application Virtualization: several

2 . 4 Mainstream Adoption of Components Virtualization: 8

2 . 5Virtual Desktops9

a few. Objective10

4. Scope10

your five. Approach and Methodology10

6. Findings11

6th. 1 . What is Virtualization? 11

6. 1 ) 1 . Traditional Concept11

6. 1 . 2 . Virtualization13

6th. 1 . a few. How Does Virtualization Work? 14

6. 1 ) 4. So why Company Ought to Virtualize15

6th. 2 . Virtualization – Instrument or technology15

6. a few. Virtualization and Business Issues16

6. 5. Implementing Virtualization16

6. five. Types of Virtualization16

6th. 5. 1 . Operating System Virtualization16

6. a few. 2 . Program Server Virtualization17

6. 5. 3. Software Virtualization18

six. 5. 5. Management Virtualization19

6. five. 5. Network Virtualization19

6th. 5. 6. Hardware Virtualization21

6. your five. 7. Storage space Virtualization23


RAID 124

RAID 225


RAID 426



RAID 1027

6th. 5. almost eight. Service Virtualization28

6. a few. 9. Slender provisioning28

6. 6. Virtualization Risks30

6th. 7. Crucial Business Final results of Virtualization31

6. 8. Benefits of Virtualization32

6. 9. Virtual Exclusive Network32

6. 10. Real life Example35

six. 10. 1 . Virtualization in SICSR35

6. 10. installment payments on your Virtualization in ICICI38

several. Tools and Technologies40

7. 1 . VMware40

7. 2 . Citrix40

several. 3. Microsoft40

8. Practical Work41

on the lookout for. Future View45

10. Conclusion45

Annexure 146

Thin Provisioning46



Provider-provisioned VPN building-blocks52

OSI Layer several PPVPN architecture54

Plaintext tunnels54

Annexure 257

What is Virtualization? 57

The Benefits of Server Virtualization57

Virtualizing Network Services57

How Virtualization Works58

Levels of Virtualization59

Key Features62


Cost-effective virtualization63

Increase scalability and performance63

Leveraging your existing skills63

11. References64

1 . Executive Summary

In this term paper we certainly have started with explaining the virtualization idea with various illustrations. Along with this we certainly have also covered the concept of Online private network followed by some great benefits of both. The practical implementations of virtualization have also been protected in the newspaper. This includes how virtualization is implemented in ICICI financial institution and also how it is applied in SICSR. There is also a short description from the hands-on work which has been done by us. This kind of term conventional paper then finishes by providing the conclusion and sources used. Virtualization refers to technology designed to give a layer of abstraction among computer hardware systems and the application running with them. By providing a logical view of computing methods, rather than a physical view, virtualization solutions make it possible to do a number of very useful things: They can permit you, essentially, to trick the operating systems in thinking that several servers is actually a single pool of computing resources. And in addition they can allow you to run multiple operating systems together on a...


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