Essay on The History of Robotics

Activity 1 . 1a History of Robotics


Most of the people think that programs are mechanical people of the long term. Use the internet site below to review our background with robotics and what our foreseeable future might appear to be. В Gear

•       History of Robotics handout

•       Laptop with Access to the internet

•       Pad


Go to the following website and read through the sections, answering the concerns below. В В Feel free to observe any of the videos on the website when reading through the pages. В 1 . В В В В В List five tasks that robots can currently conduct:

Five duties that programs can perform areВ work, play, explore, move, and live. В В

installment payments on your Approximately how long have we been using robots? В

We have been using software for approximately 50 years.

3. В В В В В It is thought that all Homer, the ancient Greek poet, described the first steel helpers which is why Greek our god?

Homer referred to the initially metallic helpers for the Greek god Hephaestus. В 4. В В В В В When did Leonardo de uma Vinci draw plans for a mechanical guy?

Leonardo da Vinci manufactured plans for the mechanical person in 1945. В В

your five. В В В В В What events sparked the development of software in the 1950s and 60s?

Situations that spurred the development of robots were the inventions of transistors and integrated circuits. В В

6. В В В В В What was the first merchandise of automatic manufacturing in 1959?

The 1st product of robotic developing was a computer-controlled milling machine. В В

7. В В В В В What two characteristics separate a automatic robot from a machine?

Software are controlled electronically when machines are operated mechanically. Also a machine is programmed while a robot will make decisions due to certain factors. В В

8. В В В В В When, in which, and the thing that was the first use of the term robot?

The first usage of the word automatic robot was in 1920, in Czechoslovakia, and the usage of the word was to describe an individual as a laborer/slave. В В

9. В В В В В What percentage of programs work in industries?

90% of robots work in factories.

10. What function do more than 50 % of robots execute?

More than half of all robots can make automobiles.

10. What crash in 1986 proven a clear need for a automatic robot to go wherever humans could not?

The crash in 1986 was your Chernobyl indivisible accident.

doze. How are automated programs used in microsurgery?

Robots are used in microsurgery by diminishing all the surgeons' instruments and remove the shakiness that a person's hand might have. В В

13. What is the rover that investigated the of Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) in 97?

The name of the rover that investigated the surface of the celestial body overhead was the Sojourner.

14. How long does it take for commands coming from Earth to achieve a rover on Mars?

It takes 11 minutes for a command coming from earth to achieve the rover on Roter planet (umgangssprachlich).

15. Where else, besides space search, can automated programs go that humans cannot?

Besides space exploration robots are also competent of going under water remaining there longer periods of times than human beings.

16. What happened in 1994 in Ak?

The 8 legged robot Dante II rappelled down Mt Spurr in Alaska to find out when the volcano was going to push through. The scientist were able to obtain very useful info but the cable television holding the robot clicked and it fell and crashed.

18. What is one of a kind about Nomad?

The Nomad is unique since it is a self guiding robotic vehicle that wanders the frozen Antarctic in search of meteorites.

18. The fact that was the name of the car that was a predecessor in the early 1971s to the Nomad as a to some extent autonomous car?

The name of the vehicle was the Stanford Cart.

nineteen. What is a amount of freedom?...


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