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п»їChapter 21: The Muslim Empires

1 . What event was the majority of directly responsible for the climb of the gun powder autorite in Turkey, Iran, and India and similar claims in Tsarist Russia and Ming China? a. the invention of nitroglycerine nitroc

b. the collapse in the Mongol Empire and its khanates

c. the arrival of western European merchants in the location

d. the revival of trade around Eurasia

electronic. steppe nomads founded almost all five says

2 . The Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal empires distributed all of these characteristics EXCEPT: a. They originated from Turkish nomadic cultures in the steppe. m. They were Muslim led.

c. They were based upon conquest and the use of military technologies. m. They started with diktator rulers and efficient bureaucracies. e. They will ruled mainly Muslim populations.

3. The students which in the beginning dominated the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal states and social hierarchy was a. decendants of slaves (Mameluks).

w. a armed service aristocracy.

c. the local clergy.

d. the merchant school.

e. largely composed of intellectuals and scholars

4. In order to source its top-notch Janissaries and palace bureaucrats with troops, the Turks a. utilized feudal prices.

b. relied on older Muslim nobles and aristocrats.

c. forcibly conscripted youthful Christian males, converted them to Islam, and trained all of them. d. brought in trained foreigners and mercenaries.

e. depended on Muslim clergy.

your five. All of these advancements weakened the rule in the Ottoman federal government EXCEPT: a. powerful factions within the Janissaries and court bureaucrats. n. harem governmental policies by compete with wives and their sons, who had been potential future heirs. c. the hedonistic life styles of many sultans.

d. data corruption and graft.

e. the development of the office of vizier.

6. The Safavids arose to power in Persia primarily due to

a. their support for the Shi'ite cause.

b. an alliance with Portuguese merchants and troops.

c. all their conversion via Islam to Christianity.

m. a monopoly on armed service technologies and guns.

at the. their...


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