Sales Process Flow Data Essay

Sales Procedure Flow Data



Sales Director (SM) Makes

Status Examine Phone Calls

* Quarterly to Selected Consumers

* Month to month to Little Distributors

* Weekly to Large Marketers

Marketing Prepares

Business Expansion


* Advertising

Pr campaigns

* Trade Shows

* Immediate Communication

5. User Conferences

Significant Things

Recorded in


SM Visits to Distributors:

(Quarterly- large distributors;

semi-annually – small distributors)

* Review Forecast

5. Review Essential Prospects

5. Joint Client Visits

5. Blue Linen Review

5. Review revenue / marcoms needs

* Provide revenue training

Significant Items

Noted in

Untapped goldmine

Application Engineer (AE)

Appointments to Vendors

(as decided with SM):

Joint Consumer Visits

Offer Technical Training

Customer Responses:

* Bingo Cards

* Email

5. Phone Call

2. Business Cards



Distributors with

* Mailshot

* Cool Call



Record Info in Goldmine

Guide SM

Interact to Customer:

2. Literature

* Email

2. Phone call

Consumer Interest by:

* Marketing strategy

* Distributor Contacts

5. SE Phone Calls

* Item Support Connections

* Prior Contact with Firm


Prospective customers

Sales Admin:

Logs Information in Untapped goldmine

Advises SM

Engineering Review

* Feasible phone call to or

visit with customer

5. Provide advice to SM

SM Authorize the Prospect

(via direct telephone or by way of distributor)

* Prospect's organization

* Buying concept

5. Application

5. Budget

* Timing

2. Buying affects

* Merchandise needs

* nonstandard requirements

(Non-standard requirements &

possibilities > £250k referred to


Info Logged

in Untapped goldmine

Info Logged

In Untapped goldmine

Info Logged

in Untapped goldmine

AE May possibly Telephone


* To discuss technical issues

* Solve open concerns

* Guide the SM

SM May Visit Consumer

(if option is significant or strategic)

* To develop the Relationship

5. Continue the Qualification


AE May Visit Customer

(as requested by SM to define the

client technically):

2. Discuss app

* Speak to buying influences

* Talk about product performance

* Present Sp irent solution

5. Differentiate Spirent

* Conquer technical objections

Customer Demands

Proposal & Quote

Facts Logged

In Goldmine


* Describes Quote

* Defines Proposal

* Starts QPA (if


Product sales Admin

2. Prepares QPA

* Gets Approvals

Filed in

Untapped goldmine


Give Technical

Assistance (if req'd)

Filed in


Final the


Sales Admin

Prepares Quote


Opinions Quote &


Hooks up Electronic


Transmits to Customer


Prepares Technical

Proposal (with

Engineering, in the event that req'd)

Logged in


AE Buyer

Contact to solve

Technical Issues

Customer Needs

Formal Contract:

MD associated with

Negotiation & Approval

A muslim Phone Call(s) or

Go to by SM (or by way of distributor)

* Review Proposal & Quote

* Needs confirmation

2. Contact buying influences

* Confirm timing

* Separate Spirent

2. Overcome objections

Purchase Order or Signed

Deal Received

Sales Admin acquires User Customer

details & enters data in HIGH TEMPERATURE

Sales Admin

Acknowledges Order

Begin Agreement


Product sales Order


Sales Admin

* Present soft copy of Everyone should be open Letter to

Production. Notice includes statement of bless you,

our data, website get information,

SM electronic unsecured personal

All other



2. Prints Everyone should be open Letter

* Attaches system-specific information

2. Includes Letter & accessory in container with


Sales Admin

(2 weeks after shipment)

* Email to distributor: ‘everything

received in good order? '

* Tip to SM, via Untapped goldmine, to

speak to customer

Apart from customers dished up

by T. Sales

SM call to distributor or perhaps call/visit with customer

(within 2-3 weeks of shipment)

* ‘Is your gear operating ALRIGHT? '

5. If ‘yes' –...


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