Physics Research laboratory 13 Article

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Lab Number: #13

Title of Laboratory:

Examining an object in Uniform Centripetal Motion

Name: Baho Sidiqi

Lab # 13 Baho Sidiqi


The purpose of this laboratory try things out was to determine the relationship between centripetal pressure and the velocity acting on a subject moving with uniform centripetal motion.


A subject traveling within a circle, even at regular speed, is usually continually starting a change in direction and is, therefore , regularly changing their velocity. In the event the velocity continually changes, in that case by description the object will be accelerated. For an object to become accelerated, a great unbalanced power must be applied (as every Newton's Second Law of Motion). To keep a rounded motion, the applied push must always work in the direction towards the middle of the centripetal motion including right perspectives to the things velocity, versus. This force constantly drags a small mass, m toward the center from the circle. This sort of force is referred to as centripetal pressure, Fc. The magnitude with the centripetal force is found as follows:

The centripetal acceleration, alternating current of an object traveling with constant speed, v, within a circle of radius r is directed toward the center with the circle. The magnitude from the centripetal speed is found from the equation: v²

ac = ——(Equation #1)


We realize form Newton's Second Regulation of Movement that N = ma. Thus the centripetal push is given by: v² Fc = mac (Equation #2)Fc = m —(Equation #3)


Therefore , the centripetal push required to keep up with the centripetal action of an subject is immediately proportional for the mass of the object plus the square of its velocity, and it's inversely proportional for the radius of its circular motion. The velocity of the rubber mass can be discovered by using the equation: 2πr t

V sama dengan ——(Equation #4) T sama dengan —(Equation #5)

T d


To is the length of the rubber stopper's movement.

t is a time it takes for the rubber arreter to make in revolutions Through this experiment, a rubber arreter of regarded mass in motion vacationing in a group at consistent speed. By simply determining the length the plastic stopper travels during one particular revolution, the radius of its innovation and by identifying the period of revolution, I will calculate the two its acceleration v plus the centripetal velocity ac. Then simply from the mass m the velocity v as well as the radius l of the rounded path, I will use Equation #3 to compute the magnitude in the centripetal power pulling the thing towards the centre. For different trials, different centripetal forces will be supplied by the weights attached to the bottom of the device. The greater the mass of the weights, the more the centripetal force will probably be on the rubber stopper. You could then compare the computed centripetal force together with the masses of the amount of weight.


Centripetal force equipment, string, triple beam stability, set of dumbbells, paper fasteners, black cable stopper, metric ruler, and stopwatch.


1 . Accurately gauge the mass in the rubber arreter on the triple beam equilibrium. Convert your measurement to kilograms.

2 . Record the masses of the weights. Convert the mass to kilograms. 3. Position the black cable stopper slightly below the take care of of the hollow plastic tube such that the radius of revolution from the rubber arreter is 60 cm. Record this mass in Stand 1 . 5. Attach a 0. 100 kg fat to the bottom level of the centripetal apparatus making use of the supplied conventional paper clip. Record this amount in Table 1 . Determine the excess weight of that mass. 5. Ensure that the area with you is clear. Twirl the apparatus such that the rubber stopper begins to travelling in a group. As its velocity increases, it will lift the weights which supply the...


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