MS Task and Gain access to Reflection Paper

п»їReflection Paper

A written report Presented to the School of Hospitality Administration of Southville International College Affiliated with Foreign Universities, Las PiГ±as Town

In Incomplete Fulfillment in the Unit Requirements of Hospitality Operational Preparing and Control

Submitted by:

Asleah D. Mangudadatu

Posted to:

Ms. Veronica R. Gamboa

of sixteen December 2014

Executive Synopsis

MS project and get has long been used as a software program for making sources and Gantt charts. The two are great with regards to providing useful and ordinaire work in order to users to minimize their workload, however , in this report, the advantages and negatives, realizations and flaws displayed by these types of applications happen to be tackled and reviewed by author to whom had a first hand experience in using them. In this way, the author hopes to give a glance unto college students and new users with the product of what these types of software applications are typical about.


Reflection Paper1

Executive Summary2


Software Applications5

Concept and Project Management5








The survey aims to give a summary of what the creator has learned and skilled so far in MS Access and MS Project. It offers reflections on how students might go through in using these two software applications and offer them a short introduction of what these applications are about. Software Applications

Concept and Project Management

A project is usually temporary in that it has a defined beginning and end in period, and therefore defined scope and resources. (Pmi. org, 2014) Thus, job management is always to work out a procedure effectively and efficiently, it truly is where every data and information is usually worked out within a certain period followed by the planner to get a successful and portable outcome. It helps businesses compete and improve their items into a better working extravagance that would make them outrun their very own competitors and earn business.


Throughout learning everything regarding two diverse software applications, the author has came across Microsoft access and project. The author learned all about queries, lookup sorcerer and insight masks which allowed her to use computations and create relationships. This kind of helped her learn about adding specifications to narrow down searches and help users to locate info easier. Ms project alternatively helped mcdougal to learn about Gantt charts and using them into creating effective plans and distribute the workload unto several sectors at work. She also discovered to estimate costing, deal with resources and create responsibilities that would be good for the target of a certain company. Problems

The author as well faced a lot of challenges, for access, the forming relationships on each in the tables is not easy and requires various aspects or perhaps items on each of your table. The lady had troubles in forming relations between these items since, redundancy can certainly occur specifically on particular items that the information requires and describes that. Other issues faced by author are related to MS project, mistakes on calendars and evening shifts and scheduling of tasks is a must to be aware of. These types of problems may arise specially in maintaining the workload about employees and other resources, 1 resource could be affected and has a greater work on his shoulders as well as the other could be rarely utilized. Realizations

The author realized that intended for MS Access, avoiding redundancy and inputting several data into diverse data provides a big position into obtaining specifications and narrowing the searches so the main specifications shows up. In addition, she realized that MS Project can certainly grasp the notion of making Gantt charts and distributing the resources equally to prevent mishaps and over allocations. In general, she noticed that the two software applications can help users into making Gantt graphs and info easier to access...

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