History of The english language Essay


Lecture Classes 1-2: Older English Phonetics

Historical background.

Pre-Germanic Great britain. Celts. Divisions of Celtic languages.

Germanic settlement in Britain.

Historic events between 5th and 11th centuries.

The linguistic situation in Britain after and before the Germanic settlement. Aged English (OE) dialects.

FACTORY written data.

Runic titre

OE manuscripts. OE poetry. OE writing.

OE Alphabet and Pronunciation. Word Pressure in FACTORY.

Changes of stressed vowels in Early FACTORY. Development of Monophthongs and Diphthongs in STOCK. Breaking and Diphthongization.

Paladial Mutation. Alterations of Unstressed Vowels at the begining of OE.

FACTORY Consonants.

Remedying of fricatives. Solidifying.


Giving voice and devoicing.

West Germanic Gemination of Consonants. Desfigurar Consonants at the begining of OE. Decrease of consonants in a few positions. Address Classes 3-4: Old English language grammar.

The Noun in OE

Grammatical categories of the noun. The use of cases.

Morphological classification of nouns. Declensions.

The Pronoun in OEM.

Personal pronouns. Declension of personal pronouns.

Demonstrative pronouns. Declension of demonstrative pronouns. Other classes of Pronouns.

The Adjective.

Grammatical categories.

Weakened and solid declension.

Degrees of Comparison.

The Verb.

Grammatical categories of the Finite Verb.

Conjugation of Verbs in OE.

Morphological Classification of Verbs. Solid Verbs.

Morphological Classification of Verbs. Fragile Verbs. Small Groups of Verbs. Grammatical kinds of the Spoken.

The Infinitive

The Participle


The easy Sentence

Compound and Complex Sentences

Expression Order

Spiel Classes 5-6: Development of the Grammatical Program (11th-18th centuries) The Noun

Decay of Noun declensions

Grammatical Categories of the Noun

The Pronoun

Personal and Possessive Pronouns

Demonstrative Pronouns. Development of Content articles

Other Classes of Pronouns

The Qualificative

Decay of Declensions and Grammatical Types

Degrees of Comparability

The Action-word

Simplifying Adjustments of the Verb Conjugation

Oral. The Infinitive and the Participle.

Development of the Gerund.

Changes in the Morphological Classes of Verbs

Strong Verbs

Weak Verbs

Minor categories of Verbs

Growth of New Forms within the Existing Grammatical Categories The Future Tight

New Types of the Subjunctive Mood

Interrogative and Downsides Forms with do

Development of New Grammatical Categories

Unaggressive Forms. Category of Voice

Perfect Forms. Class of Time-Correlation

Constant Forms. Category of Aspect


Pre-Roman The uk

Man lived in what we today call britain long before it broke away from the continent of Europe, a long time before the great oceans covered the land connect that is today known as the British Channel, that body of water that protected this kind of island to get so long, and that by the very nature, was to preserve it out of the maelstrom that started to be medieval The european union. Thus England's peculiar character as a great island nation came about through its very isolation. Early man came, settled, farmed and built. His continues to be tell us very much about his lifestyle fantastic habits. Of course , the terrain was not then simply known as Britain, nor will it possibly be until long after the Romans experienced departed. We realize of the island's early residents from what they left behind in such sites as Clacton-on-Sea in Essex, and Swanscombe in Kent, gravel starts, the hunt for which opened a whole fresh way of finding our ancient ancestors internet dating back to the low Paleolithic (early Stone Age). Here were deposited not only fine equipment made of flint, including hand-axes, but the fossilized head of a fresh woman along with bones of elephants, rhinoceroses, cave-bears, elephants, horses, deer, giant oxen, wolves and hares. From your remains, we are able to assume that man lived concurrently as these pets which have lengthy disappeared from your English panorama. So we know that a thriving culture existed around eight, 000 yrs ago in the misty,...


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