Enthalpy Change Essay

Job 1: Evaluation criterion 2 . 1

Decide the enthalpy change for the reaction (ΔHfθ) between zinc and copper mineral sulphate option, giving total practical particulars.


To determine the enthalpy modify for the response between zinc and copper sulphate. Zn (s) + CuSO4 (aq) ZnSO4 (aq) + Cu (s)


In the analyze of energy (thermodynamics) the system refers to the responding chemicals (zinc and birdwatcher sulphate solution) and the surroundings is everything more (atmosphere, container, temperature probe). By adding an excess of zinc dust to a scored amount of aqueous copper mineral sulphate and measuring the temperature transform over a period of period, you can estimate the enthalpy change to get the reaction.


5. Using a pipette and pipette filler carefully measure out 25. 0 cm3 of copper (II) sulphate remedy, concentration = 1 . zero mol dm3- and pour it in a polystyrene glass. * Mix with a thermometer, start a stop clock and measure the temp every 30 seconds. * In the meantime weigh out around 6g of zinc powder.

5. at two minutes (when the temp of the option is constant) add all of the zinc powder to the glass and stir carefully with all the thermometer. 5. Continue to stir and record the temperature every 30 seconds up to the five minute tag. Then record the temperature every minute right up until 13 mins are reached. * Write up results about graph paper


Stick photo in here

Table of results

Time min| Temp °C

zero. 30| 3

1 . 00| 23

1 ) 30| twenty three

2 . 00 (Zinc lowered in)| -

2 . 30| 53. 2

3. 00| 62. 1

3. 30| 69. zero

4. 00| 70. 1

4. 30| 70. four

5. 00| 69. you

6. 00| 68. 0

7. 00| 66. eight

8. 00| 64. six

9. 00| 62. 2

10. 00| 61. 6th

11. 00| 60. zero

12. 00| 57. almost eight

13. 00| 57. a couple of

Task 2: Assessment criterion 2 . two

Determine the enthalpy change of reaction applying enthalpy alter of creation (ΔHfθ) data for the response.



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