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Title|: Elemica elektronische geschaftsabwicklung Initiative

Prepared for|: Dr . xxx, CEO of Elemica Inc.

Well prepared by|: Raphael Hassler, CTO of Elemica Inc.

Date|: 5 June 2011


This really is an specific study of Elemica's existing B2B online business and the survey contains the findings and its business potential of achieving a more substantial market share from the online supply chain management in the world. Several key elements have been considered and assessed and an organized plan created to achieve Elemica's e-Business effort of global enlargement.

The elektronische geschaftsabwicklung initiative is usually supported by a number of factors. The superior electric B2B hub, the additional first class goods, scalability, excessive customer satisfaction, large professional encounter in source chain supervision, its locations and market size give perfect chances for further progress into additional international industrial sectors. Also appearing markets appear to be very promising for upcoming business, yet only wherever they are the 1st to seize the opportunity for the reason that area because the company will certainly face threats from opponents who will be providing identical products currently for the same support. Hence the entrance has to be planned thoroughly. Elemica's item portfolio, encounter and track record of success because area signifies high stability and openness.

Although Elemica is a professional in the process of supply sequence management, their experience and expertise consist of industries is definitely lacking. Requirements may be distinct and so may well the business techniques. Elemica would benefit significantly by obtaining expert suggestions about these markets to understand the behaviors of its consumers. Due to the modifications in our facilitating infrastructure (outsourcing and cloud computing) and additional services such as mobile computing, Elemica will likely need to take safeguards against start up business and security risks linked to EC and B2B.

An in depth project program, implementation prepare and monetary plan are required to outline the mission. If all the aforementioned factors with this report taken into account, the effort into new areas can become a success. Task management team to outline, initiate, manage and implement the project, and a professional alter manager driving a car both the technical and company change operations are crucial for a smooth rendering and an additional key factor for the successful mission. Several recommendations have been made to attain the target of Elemica. They will include the freelancing of a lot of parts of the business, a new THAT model, new IT providers, staff advancement requirements and a few financial advises.

Table of Contents



Company analysis1

Value proposition1

Core competencies1

Market analysis and trends2

Porter's Competitive Forces Model3

Information Technology (IT) challenges4


Opportunities and objectives6

Important Success Factors (CSF)7

Price and rewards (ROI)9



Project Planning10

Alter Management10


Balanced Rating Card12

Strategy Map14


Outsourcing of ICT Infrastructure15

THAT staffing requirements16

Hardware, Application and Security16

International legal and honest issues17

Set of references18

Annotated Bibliography20


* Organization analysis

Elemica is the leading supplier of supply chain the use and marketing services towards the world's car tire & rubberized, chemical, strength, and related industries. The company maintains a B2B industry trading hub, a neutral program that enables firms to link their ERP systems so that information can be moved into each company's databases while maintaining...

Bibliography: Turban, Electronic, King, D, Lee, T, Liang, Big t, and Diademe, D, 2010, Electronic Commerce 2010: A Managerial Perspective, 6th edn, Pearson, Prentice Hall, Uppr Saddle Water, NJ.

Dr . Turban contains an MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION and PhD (University of California, Berkeley). He is a Professor info Systems in California Express University, Very long Beach. Previously, he was a small business lecturer by Eastern The state of illinois University. Dr . Turban is a member of the American Association of Artificial Intelligence and provides published around twenty ebooks on AI and technology. Dr . David King holds a PhD in Sociology (University of North Carolina) and is Professional Vice President of Product Development and Management in JDA, a worldwide company to get supply chain Management Software. He has drafted over 60 articles and books and co-authored other folks.

The book provides a good regarding the overall correlations between the techniques and provides a holistic view regarding electronic business. It provides a substantive understanding establishing strategies in this field. The newest copy incorporates likewise the newest technologies such as Web 2 . 0. 0, cloud computing and mobile technology, key features that are required for create a good business these days. On the other hand the book likewise relies likewise on the fundamental tools just like SWOT analysis and Porter's five causes to analyze fresh market entries. The source provided a great assist to conclude a business analysis intended for an growth in new markets intended for Elemica.

Pc Sciences Company CSC, Comes Church, VIRTUAL ASSISTANT

Michael Watts. Laphen, chief of CSC since This summer 2007, with more than 30 years of experience with the company, including business and elderly management positions that have supplied a comprehensive mixture of technical, monetary and standard management activities in varied commercial, general public sector, and international marketplaces. CSC is definitely an innovative company and provides technology solutions for business and govt customers.

The latest presentations, conferences and meetings with aged people of this business showed that they focus intensely on centralization, outsourcing and cloud computing. According to CSC the will explain Cloud Computer as a catalyst for a tectonic change in the business world. A change that allowed start up business models, accelerated innovation and fundamentally altered the economy. Corporations entering this market early will certainly benefit from the potential and can make use of (Brian Boruff, CSC Global Vice President, Emerging Technologies and Strategic Growth Markets, 2011). I'm more skeptical regarding cloud processing and don't observe this as being a new revolution in the IT business. The notion exists from your very beginning of IT and was there just before; these days it really provides more enhanced features that allows simpler provisioning, more quickly deployments and better management capabilities. The full idea utilized in early days from hackers and schools who led computers across the world calculate difficult CPU intensive tasks. I agree that global companies acting on several areas with a around the world spread can usually benefit from this technology, but CSC claims that is the key technology for every thing for everybody. All countries have the majority of their businesses in the small and middle section size segments, and I uncertainty that impair computing is usually the right choice to them, outsourcing likely. I think this is also the time waving big words such as virtualization, outsourcing and cloud processing and when We talk to product sales and specialized experts that they mostly utilize buzz word impair computing, actually at the end it is just a normal outsourcing techniques running over a virtual machine. This is not genuine cloud computer. The main barrier for impair computing although will be the protection of data, usage of data plus the cross border support obstacle that needs to be viewed as soon you will discover confidential consumer data, internal confidential info and PII data. Within my view impair computing will never be able to handle this issue another problem is that it can often be not a real cloud computing. Because of that, my own conclusion is that cloud calculating is perfect for a certain kind of organization where it absolutely is practical, but not for any and not for everything. It is a technology improvement for me, but not a revolution.


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