Essay on Designing a great LCM Software for Going Depleted Zones

AADE 01-NC-HO-16

Creating an LCM Program intended for Drilling Used up Zones

L. I. McNeil and S i9000. C. Zeilinger, SEPTAR

Copyright laws 2001 AADE National Drilling Technical Convention

This paper was well prepared for presentation at the AADE 2001 Nationwide Drilling Seminar, " Drilling Technology- Another 100 years”, held with the Omni in Houston, Texas, March 27 - up to 29, 2001. This kind of conference was hosted by the Houston Chapter of the American Association of Drilling Technical engineers. The information offered in this newspaper does not indicate any placement, claim or perhaps endorsement built or implied by the American Association of Drilling Technicians, their officers or people. Questions about the content with this paper ought to be directed to the individuals detailed as author/s of this operate.



Prior to the drilling of the depleted Kisimul fine sand

in the Lingote well, i was asked to look at:

Prevention of whole-mud reduction by breaking of the



Zero reduction of production capacity from the

development as the effect of addition from the LCM;


The use of micronized cellulose fibers to prevent

dirt loss towards the Kisimul fine sand;



No increase in formation harm as the result of

use of the LCM; and

Vendors' says of high returning permeabilities the moment

these fabric are used since lost blood circulation material;


Facile clean-up of the filtercake and LCM in the

Kisimul sand if required.


The depth of invasion of micronized cellulose fibers

used as a lost circulation materials in a syntheticbased mud, specifically as linked to the awaited 5-inch perforations in the Kisimul sand; and


To be able to dissolve filtercake with the vendorsuggested alkaline hypochlorite (33% sodium hypochlorite and 15% KOH) in the Kisimul sand.

The results of our investigation claim that:


Mud loss could occur if perhaps the fine-size LCM is

used (and not the coarse or perhaps extra coarse);


Creation capability is not expected to be afflicted

by the presence of the LCM;


Limited to zero formation destruction from the LCM is

predicted in the near-wellbore region, and no

damage can be expected beyond daylight hours first Вј inch; and

Clean-up of the LCM is highly unlikely being possible

with currently available methods.

Our investigation indicates that:


The fine cellulose fibers recommended by the OU lessen

liquid loss because of seepage right into a permeable zone, but

tend not to provide protection against mud loss in even a

0. 02-inch wide fracture, though a variety of the great

and rough products could do so;



Arsenic intoxication fine micronized cellulose fibers in

synthetic-based mud would not adversely have an effect on

permeability (up to two D);


The interesting depth of intrusion of these fibres is only a number of

pore volumes of prints, at most; and


The hypochlorite treatment is not a viable approach to

clean-up from the fibers within a synthetic-based mud


A 13. 5 lb/gal SBM weighted up from the discipline

value of 12. your five lb/gal with barite was obtained from the

mud firm; this pounds is in the range expected to become

used for drilling the Kisimul sand. All of us used almost 8 lb/bbl

LCM; this means that the LCM is only 2%, on a weight

basis, of the total weight with the solids (8 lb/bbl away of a

total of eight lb/bbl + 310 lb/bbl of barite, the latter number

obtained from the recipe supplied by the services

company). Therefore, on a purely statistical basis, the

likelihood of significant invasion by LCM is incredibly low.


The drilling program for the Varilla project

consists of drilling throughout the partially exhausted, gasbearing Kisimul sand. The plan is to include a micronized cellulose lost flow material (LCM) to the syntheticbased drilling dirt (SBM) from this zone in order to reduce fluid loss towards the formation.

The concerns pertaining to the Kisimul sand part of the

very well are the next:

Experimental Function






advised for testing was Highland Glen Fine,

which, according to...


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