Computer and Decimal Number Essay

Final Test Review: INQUIRIES

1 ) The " von Neumann bottleneck” refers to a limit upon throughput between _____________.

2 . Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley received the Nobel Prize intended for inventing the __________.

3. N-type silicon __________________.

4. The 1st IBM PC used the __________ processor.

five. What is the decimal quantity 36 converted into binary?

6. What is the binary number 11111 converted into quebrado?

several. What is the largest decimal quantity that can be symbolized with several bits?

8. What power of two equals 65, 536?

9. A motherboard contains 2 GB of RAM MEMORY. How many bytes is this?

15. What is the hexadecimal sign equivalent to the binary amount 1010?

11. Which usually of these is definitely not a Boolean operation?

12. A USB port hub settings __________ USB ports.

13. Which in turn of the subsequent is a type of USB common hub?

14. RS-232 is used over which type of slot?

12-15. A null-modem cable can be used between ______.

16. COM plug-ins require which usually of the pursuing resources?

17. Which in turn port was used for the printer?

8. Which usually of the pursuing ports is also known as a FireWire?

nineteen. Keyboards and mice in the beginning used the __________ port.

twenty. This type of monitor uses a cup tube being a television screen.

21 years old. This type of keep an eye on uses the liquid crystal cells.

22. Which is not a type of video slot?

3. This type of printing device uses warmth to form symbols on particular printer newspaper.

twenty four. The I/O controller centre on the hauptplatine is also referred to as the __________.

twenty-five. This form factor replaced the AT and baby-AT kind factors.

26. Parity is used with RAM intended for ____________________.

27. Which of the subsequent is a kind of RAM that does not need to be renewed?

twenty-eight. Which in the following can be described as type of RAM that is not applied frequently today?

29. This diagnostic feature is utilized with ATA hard drives....


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