A Cure Continues to be Elusive yet We Can Even now Effectively Battle Hiv Essay

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A cure remains elusive but we are able to still effectively Combat the pandemic

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Introduction 1

History of HIV 1

Statistics 1

Big difference between cure and treatment 1

Tranny of HIV 1

HELPS vaccine 1

Ways to battle the spread and a result of HIV/AIDS a couple of

Conclusion 3


" It all started as a rumor, then we found out we could dealing with a disease. Then we realized that it had been an epidemic. And now we have accepted that as a tragedy”. Chief Epidemiologist in Kampala Uganda. Good HIV

Human Immunodeficiency Malware ( HIV) is the computer virus that causes the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). There is evidence that HELPS originated in The african continent. A 10 year research completed in 2005 found stress of Simian Immunodeficiency Computer virus (SIV) in chimpanzees in South East Cameroon. A complex computer type of the progression of HIV1 has suggested that initially transfer of SIV to humans occurred around 1930`s and HIV 2 transferred from apes in Guinea Bissau in the 1940's. Stats

According to estimated data of UNAIDS 2008, in 2007 around 30. 8million adults and 2million kids were managing HIV, two, 7 million people became infected with HIV, and 2 mil died of AIDS. Sub Saharan Africa is more heavily affected by HIV and HELPS than some other region in the world. In 2007, approximately 22million were living with HIV, 1 ) 9million recently infected, 1, 5million deaths and 12million children orphaned by HELPS. In Mvuma, zimbabwe with a inhabitants of 12, 311, 143 in 3 years ago, 1, 2million were living with HIV, 12-15, 3% were adults (15-49yrs), 57% had been women, 120, 000 had been children with HIV(0-15yrs), and 140000 estimated deaths. Difference between get rid of and treatment

There are constant clinical trials to find the cure to get AIDS, right now we can just control AIDS progression however, not cure that. Cure means that after medical treatment the patient no longer has the particular disease anymore. Treatment support control, minimize or even get rid of the symptoms of a disease. Antiretroviral medicines (ARVs) are examples of treatments, they control and reduce the disease but do not get rid of, and they hence improve the quality of life of an person. Common ARVs include: Zidovudine, Stavudine Lamivudine, Nevirapine, Tenofovir, Efavirenz, Indinavir and ritonavir. Transmission of HIV

There are several ways of HIV transmission such as sexual tranny which can both be heterosexual or lgbt through infected secretions. Also blood transfusion can send HIV in the event the blood is infected. The other ways of transmission contain needle stick, mucosal little with attacked body fluids and also in intravenous medicine users as well as vertical indication from mother to kid in the tummy, at birth or during nursing. AIDS Vaccine

HIV dego?tant a variety of cellular material of the immune system most importantly the CD4 To helper lymphocytes. Inside the cellular material RNA from the HIV can be converted to GENETICS by the enzyme called change transcriptase. This kind of DNA turns into part of the cells genome leading to viral aminoacids being shaped that leads for the multiplication from the virus. At the same time other CD4...

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