An Examination of Morality and THE FANTASTIC Gatsby

Great Gatsby And Morality

After the events of the story include unfolded, the narrator Nick, targets the

man most like himself; Gatsby. Both Nick Carraway and Jay Gatz hail from the

mid-west, where morals and the proper way to getting ahead are instilled into

them. They happen to be New York, where in fact the morals are paper-slim and everything

seems turned upside straight down. The saps with morals stay static in the ashheaps while the

careless, foolhardy upper world do what they make sure you. Nick stays accurate to the

mid-west morals of an earnest, hardworking living while Gatsby attempts to be just

like others on East Egg. Nick says this of him, "Gatsby believed in the

green light, the orgastic future that calendar year by 12 months recedes before us. It eluded

us then, but that's no matter-tomorrow we will operate faster, loosen up our

arms further...And one fine morning-" (189). A central topic of the novel I

think, may be the idea that persons aren't content with what they own, they are